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Sandro Kortteli

Urho Kekkosenkatu 1, Helsinki

The stylish and convenient Sandro Kortteli invites you on a Sandro Journey!

Mondays to Fridays restaurant serves lunch, weekends are kicked off with the beloved brunch. On evenings you'll be served a menu inspired by the rich flavours of Middle Eastern, North African and Mediterranean cuisines. Sandro wants to serve you a plate full of happiness and food that will leave you smiling for the rest of the day!

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Kortteli (The Block) - a restaurant haven in the Kamppi shoppingcentter's 5th floor!
Sandro Kortteli HelsinkiSandro Kortteli HelsinkiSandro Kortteli Helsinki

3.85 / 5

Arvustused (342)



It was really good brunch!
Aki - 14.4.2018

★ 4.00455

Excellent food and service, nice atmosphere

Everything else was fine and worked well, a minor minus side was the loud music/background noise and a rather chilly temperature next to the big window.
Ruut - 14.4.2018

★ 4.00444
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Arvustused (342)



It was really good brunch!
Aki - 14.4.2018

★ 4.00455

Excellent food and service, nice atmosphere

Everything else was fine and worked well, a minor minus side was the loud music/background noise and a rather chilly temperature next to the big window.
Ruut - 14.4.2018

★ 4.00444

Dinner at Sandro's

Fresh, delicious ingredients and out of the box menu were fantastic. A braver seasoning would make these dishes perfect. I hope that in future the cashier/waitress pays increased attention to the clients' requests. The invoice was split into to instead of requested single invoicing.
Lotta - 13.4.2018

★ 4.00452

Maanantai-ilta Sandrossa

Hei. Olen useimmiten käynyt Sandrossa syömässä brunssia tai bufferia ja silloin kaikki menee täydellisesti. Jostain syystä muuten homma vähän tökkii; menu on liian sekava ja palvelu ontuu. Suomessa pitäisi myös saada palvelua suomeksi mielestäni. Ruoka maistui edelleen toki hyvälle. Taidan jatkossa käydä Sandrossa ainoastaan seisovien pöytien aikaan... T. Minna ja 5 muuta naista
Minna - 9.4.2018

★ 3.00433


Tasty and good food, delicious desert table
Seija - 8.4.2018

★ 4.00444


Oli ikävää, että ravintolanne ruoka on muuttunut niin paljon. Annokset olivat nyt omituisia, iso kasa esim lihaa ja jokin pyre ympärillä. Aiemmin annoksenne ovat olleet monipuolisia, paljon tuoreita vihanneksia, hummusta ja erilaisia makuja. Nyt koko pöytäseurueen annokset olivat typistyneet pariin ainesosaan. Lisäksi palvelu oli hidasta, tarjoilijoita ei näkynyt tai he vain viilettivät vauhdilla ohi. Olisimme varmaan voineet kävellä ravintolasta ulos maksamatta ilman että kukaan työntekijä olisi huomannut mitään. Sen sijaan odotimme pöydässä puoli tuntia tarjoilijaa, jota ei tullut. Sen jälkeen odotimme kassalla laskua 10 minuuttia tarjoilijoiden vain kävellessä ohi. Koko ilta oli pettymys, koska Sandro on aiemmin ollut meidän luottoravintola.
Hanna - 7.4.2018

★ 2.00242


It would ne better if you tell customers that they shoud take multiple dishes to share and that example ovet night lamb is truly just lamb and doesn’t have any salad or so. We were disapointed for the new menu.
Emma-reetta - 6.4.2018

★ 4.00354

Disappointing dinner for two

Early on Friday evening, the restaurant had run out of champagne. We waited almost for an hour for the starters. The restaurant was quite full and waiter changed many times but other tables seemed to be taken care of better. The main course was served in timely manner but the waiter forgot the drinks. When we finally got the drinks, the dessert was served almost immediately after although we still had not finished the main course. A la carte menu had changed the day before. Dishes were not presented well when they were served. Also, some of them were poorly seasoned, e.g. crispy duck did not have any salt in it. Finally, we asked for the check and waited for a long time just to ask it again. We spent almost 3 hours in the restaurant although the reservation was only for 2 hours. I have been to Sandro Kortteli twice before and enjoyed it then but unfortunately this time was a disappointment.
Piia - 23.3.2018

★ 2.00341

Hyvin toimittu

Oli viihtyisä ja ruoka oli maukasta. Vähän meluisa mutta ei se fiilistä pilannut
Lauri - 10.3.2018

★ 4.00545


We enjoyed our stay last time as well, but this one I'd definitely rate 5 stars. There was a new waiter (new to us at least, didnt seem inexperienced otherwise) who handled everything well and with a touch of humor. Will visit again!
Valentina - 8.3.2018

★ 5.00555


Good food! Music was too loud.
Sari - 7.3.2018

★ 4.00533

Dinner quality was better before

Though the place in Kamppi is very cosy and the view is stunning, the quality of Sandro's dinner has decreased in my opinion. The dishes are over-priced and quality of food gone down. I took the Harvest mad feast with a buffet table and the fish tasted like it had sat there for hours and the gluten-free bread was dry. I however support Sandro's lunch so if you decide to go there, I suggest going during day time!
Melina - 28.2.2018

★ 3.00344

Casual/business illallinen

Mukava ravintola, erinomainen palvelu. Ruoka hyvää, valitsimme buffan, etenkin alkupalat hyvät. Palaan vielä tänne.
Juha - 27.2.2018

★ 4.00445

Best service and staff

Food was amazing, sevice was excellent and atmosphere was fantastic, can’t fault it one bit. Will definitely be back.
Shawn - 23.2.2018

★ 5.00555


Great food and view, but after sunset the corner table was so dark we had to use phone flashlight apps to see the menu.
Ahti - 23.2.2018

★ 4.00534

Good food... Slightly awkward staff

The food was excellent, but the staff felt a little awkward. Usually we've been served very well and with a smile. Maybe yesterday the staff was under a lot of stress or something.
Tinja - 19.2.2018

★ 4.00543

Overpriced brunch

Nice atmosphere but brunch is overpriced.
Sari - 18.2.2018

★ 3.00353


Ihana brunssi! Buffet pöydän ympärillä oleva ahtaus hieman häiritsi. Palvelu loistavaa.
Miira - 18.2.2018

★ 4.00545


Raila - 17.2.2018

★ 4.00554


Epic brunch. No Complaints.
Mikko - 17.2.2018

★ 5.00555

Üritus Saadaval Esmaspäev - Reede 11:00 - 16:00

No bookings for lunch

But welcome without a reservation. We always try to find you a table even if it looks pretty full!

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