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Sandro Kortteli

Urho Kekkosenkatu 1, Helsinki

The stylish and convenient Sandro Kortteli invites you on a Sandro Journey!

Mondays to Fridays restaurant serves lunch, weekends are kicked off with the beloved brunch. On evenings you'll be served a menu inspired by the rich flavours of Middle Eastern, North African and Mediterranean cuisines. Sandro wants to serve you a plate full of happiness and food that will leave you smiling for the rest of the day!

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Kortteli (The Block) - a restaurant haven in the Kamppi shopping center's 5th floor!
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Brunch in Helsinki
Sandro Kortteli HelsinkiSandro Kortteli HelsinkiSandro Kortteli Helsinki

3.49 / 5

Arvustused (425)



The place was really dirty and I was ashamed to being my friend there. Would next time prefer the other Sandro restaurant
Camilla - 19.1.2019

★ 1.00311


Over all a really nice experience!
Noora - 19.1.2019

★ 5.00455
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Arvustused (425)



The place was really dirty and I was ashamed to being my friend there. Would next time prefer the other Sandro restaurant
Camilla - 19.1.2019

★ 1.00311


Over all a really nice experience!
Noora - 19.1.2019

★ 5.00455


Upeat näköalat ja hyvä ruoka. Palvelussa parantamisen varaa. Tunnelmallinen mutta liian hämärä valaistus, kun ei näe tuokalistaa kunnolla lukea.
Anne - 18.1.2019

★ 4.00543


Hyvää ruokaa, sopivasti tilaa kulkea vaikka olikin täyttä
Hanna - 13.1.2019

★ 5.00554

Great view!

The restaurant had an excellent view and a nice atmosphere, the food was tasty with a lot of varieties. As a person with a vegan diet, it would help if there were ingredient lists next to all the foods on the brunch table. The dessert table could use more vegan options.
Sonja - 13.1.2019

★ 4.00454

Rich tastes, very friendly service

We went for the brunch after girls night out, got very friendly welcome :) The food was delicious, various and fresh dishes. Absolutely gonna go again! One minus was that the seat next to the window was quite cold.
Maiju - 6.1.2019

★ 5.00555


Delicious tastes from around Mediterranean, served in a timely and friendly manner. A huge plus for cooking vegan too.
Jaana - 2.1.2019

★ 4.00444

Nothing special anymore.

Used to be my absolute favorite. Now it is only too expensive for the portion size and originality. Just another burger place. Waiter was a bit too busy to serve us, even though the service was super kind when we got it.
Ninni - 31.12.2018

★ 3.00343


Musiikki oli liian kovalla, muutoin mukava paikka ja hyvä ruoka.
Daniel - 31.12.2018

★ 4.00434


Food and location was great but the noise level was extreme due to numerous children and crying babies. This however is not Sandro’s problem alone, but something to think about as many people would like to have brunch in a more relaxed armosphere. A friendly suggestion: once a month have an adults only -brunch for those who would like to enjoy their food in relaxation and without having witness child tantrums or suffer the kids’ or their parents anxieties.
Jarkko - 30.12.2018

★ 3.00535

Good. Not brilliant.

I have tried before Bar Sandro Eira and Kallio. Both have a much nicer atmosphere that is lacking in Kortteli. The view of course very nice. Food was good not excellent Salads very good , hot food was average. Sweets very good. A good experience, I would return but I rather go back to the more established Sandro’s.
Alessandro - 30.12.2018

★ 4.00433

Brunch Sandro Kortteli

Nice views, good & friendly service but rather basic menu.
Mikko - 29.12.2018

★ 3.00344

Great service and great atmosphere

Service was really great. Our special request regarding a window seating was noticed. The food was good as well.
Kiira - 29.12.2018

★ 5.00455

Worse than usually

We usually enjoy our time a lot in Sandro Kortteli but yesterday We were very disappointed and actually embarrased because We wanted to show a nice restaurant to our American friend. The service was just really bad, not a one smile, We had to wait a long time for service even though there wasnt that many people at the time. The waiter didnt ask from everyone what We wanted to drink and left so fast that We couldnt even say. And he actually forgot to bring our beer. Also We didnt like the new menu as much as We used to. Sorry to write a bad review but since you asked..
Tiia - 23.12.2018

★ 3.00332

Brunch was ok

Great view and good food. Bread, coffee and mint tea ran out twice when I went to get them but the service was not very eager or polite to answer. They seemed annoyed to be bothered. The biggest thing was no smiles and no nice chitchat, very serious business lacking a welcoming soul.
Jenni - 22.12.2018

★ 3.00353

Great food

Food was great, atmosphere and view from restaurant is very nice. Noticed its a bit understaffed. One more person should work on kassa during busy hours for example to avoid waiting in line forever.
Marija - 15.12.2018

★ 5.00542


Melissa - 14.12.2018

★ 2.00231


Palvelu oli nopeaa. Maut herkullisia; varsinkin alkupalat. Tunnelma oli kohdillaan ja kaiken lisäksi ikkunapöytä näköalalla.
Henna - 14.12.2018

★ 5.00555


Meillä ei ollut valoa pöytämme päällä, oli aika pimeää. Tilassa oli ahdasta, pöydät olivat liian lähekkäin. Oma annokseni ei ollut kovin herkullinen, mutta ystäväni burgeri oli hyvää. Palvelu oli ripeää.
Hanna-mari - 12.12.2018

★ 3.00333


Falafel salaatti koostui lähinnä läjästä amerikan salaattia, jonka päällä oli 3 falafel pyörykkää. Annos oli mauton ja tylsän näköinen. Hinta-laatusuhde oli surkea. Ei yhtään Sandrotasoa! Palvelu oli hidasta ja harjottelijamaista. Useasta yrityksestä huolimatta laskut eivät menneet oikein.
Riikka - 11.12.2018

★ 2.00342

Üritus Saadaval Esmaspäev - Reede 11:00 - 16:00

No bookings for lunch

But welcome without a reservation. We always try to find you a table even if it looks pretty full!

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